The Top Tips for building a great actor website

Is your Actor Website working for you? Top tips for getting it right
Photo Credit: S Pilbrow via cc

Is your actor website doing you more harm than good?

Having a website as an actor can be fabulous marketing. It will assist in gettting you noticed and can help to bring you more castings and work. However your site could have the opposite results and be a turn off to agents and the casting industry, if it’s an ugly, outdated, site which is difficult and slow to load. Some actors internet sites can cause more damage than help because they are not poorly formatted and don’t contain the right data.
Many actors believe that they do not require a site since their agents do the marketing work for them. These actors are missing a trick. The Actors website can be a really valuable source of info about that individual, stuff that an agent could not pass on in an email or phone call. Sometimes its the key to getting the audition or sometimes even the role.
Our sister-site Actor Design have a great checklist that can assist any actor who is considering getting themselves a professional website.