Acting Techniques

  • Stanislavski’s system was developed through his own cross-cultural experience as actor, director, and businessman. His system is still studied gloabally and used by actors and student today.
  • Brecht was one of the most influential theatre practioners and pioneering figures of the 20th century. Not only did he make significant contributions to dramaturgy and theatrical productions but he also inspired many theatrical minds and styles.
  • As an actor it is your job to make the character you are playing, either on stage or screen, a fully rounded human being. This takes time and effort. Here are the ten questions you should be able to answer before playing any role.
  • It’s still not over, even after you have completed your audition. Here are Actor Hub’s tips on recalls, feedback and of course….rejection.
  • Any actor worth his salt, should be aware of Bertolt Brecht and what he achieved. With his own unique take on acting, staging and directing, Brecht has certainly influenced and left his mark on the contemporary theatre of today.
  • Every actor dreads getting typecast, but if you are being cast in roles which suit your look and personality then what’s the problem …. when you know your type the chances of getting cast increase.
  • Brecht’s plays fall into three stages: ‘The Early Period’, ‘The Propagander Plays’ and ‘The Plays of Brecht’s Maturity’. Here is a brief overview of his most famous theatre works.
  • As a working actor, you will attend many auditions and each one is unique and requires different skills. Actor Hub have put together tips on audition preparation, on the audition itself and even afterwards when you are waiting for the phone to ring!