Musical Theatre Audition Songs – Male Female Duets

Audition Songs for Musical Theatre Duets
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Choosing a song for a musical theatre or drama school audition or showcase can sometimes be pretty overwhelming. Especially when its not just you who is singing it! When it comes to a duet you need to choose a song where you both can shine and we hope Actor Hub can help you in choosing.
Musical Theatre duets will probably fall into two catergories: comedy songs or love songs, aso think about what you want to show off. Is it your singing or your acting, I would start with that choice.
If you choose a song to show off your singing remember to really explore and examine the acting of the piece. You want to create a real relationship with your co-singer and work in harmony not against them. By building the truth of your relationship you should build a trust with each other and avoid any temptation to over sing them!
If you choose a song to show off your acting, remember that you will be benig judged also on how well your voices work together so spend extra time supporting each other and helping your voices to blend, however unique they are. Its important that together you ‘hit the right note’!
Choose a song which moves you both, which connects with you both, and which gives you both equal opportunity to shine.
Here is a list of duets which would work well at any audition or showcase. Click on the title or image to watch a video of the song. Bookmark this page and keep coming back as we are always updating and adding to these song lists.
Musical Theatre Duets for Auditions and Showcases
This list will hopefully guide you when looking for a duet, have a watch of the video, listen to the song and see if you like it. Do try and read the script or watch the show. If you find something else or have a recommendation let us know via Twitter @actorhub and we can add your choice to the list.

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  • Easter Parade is an American musical movie from 1948 starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire, featuring music by Irving Berlin.
    The story tells of Don Hawes, Broadway star, who for a bet says he can make the first dancer he meets a star. He chooses Hannah Brown, one of the chorus girls.
    A Couple Of Swells doesn’t tell any part of the story, it is a number from a variety show Hannah and Don are starring in, in which Don and Hannah play a pair of street urchins with vivid imaginations.
    You can have loads of fun with this song and interpret it how you want to without worrying about the story.
    It is the most famous number in the film and is therefore a tough act to follow, but if you can put your own ‘take’ on it you could be onto a winner.
  • I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change is is a musical comedy with book and lyrics by Joe DiPietro and music by Jimmy Roberts. It’s a series of vignettes connected by the central theme of love and relationships. The play’s tagline is “Everything you have ever secretly thought about dating, romance, marriage, lovers, husbands, wives and in-laws, but were afraid to admit.”
    We’re Just Friends is a funny and suprisingly sweet little song about being ‘friends with benefits’ with some filthy lyrics!
    The video is the original off Broadway cast and shows you just how funny this song can be with a bit of clever choreography and relying on the humour of the lyrics rather than ‘trying to be funny’ as a performer.
  • Tick Tick Boom is a musical written by the musical composer Jonathan Larson who is perhaps most famous for Rent. The show tells the story of an aspiring composer called Job who lives in NYC in 1990 and his worries that he has made the wrong choices in life. It explores this along with his relationships with his girlfriend Susan and his best friend Michael.
    The song ‘Therapy’ is a phone call between Jon and Susan who has phoned wanting to see Jon on an evening when he had planned to spend composing. They argue throughout this song in a very passively agressive and psychological manner which barely seems like an argument and more like a therapy session – hence the title!
    A deliciously funny duet with lots of room for humour and the brilliant show-offy factor of having a huge Patter section!
    “I was afraid that you’d be afraid
    If I told you that I was afraid of intimacy
    If you don’t have a problem with my problem
    Maybe the problem is simply co-dependency”
  • Shall We Dance is the seventh of the ten Astaire-Rogers musical comedy films. It was released in 1937. The movie is scored by the Gershwins.
    The film tells the story of Peter P Peters, an american ballet dancer who falls in love with a tapdancer. After lots of twists and turns including a journey on a liner across the Atlantic and a show danced by Peter and a whole chorus wearing Linda masks, they eventually fall in love!
    Lets Call The Whole Thing Off is a funny song about the subtle differences between Peter and Linda, it is also a chance to have Fred and Ginger dance a huge number on rollerskates! The song is probably better known as “You say ‘Potato’, I say ‘Potato’ … you say ‘Tomato’, I say ‘Tomato’”
  • The Book Of Mormon is a show from the writers of South Park, the show lampoons organised religion and also traditional musical theatre.
    The Book Of Mormon tells a tale of two Mormon missionaries who are sent to a village in Uganda to teach their religious teachings! The locals are more worried about war, famine, poverty and AIDS than religion.
    Baptize Me is sung by Elder Cunningham, a fat, insecure, nerdy missionary and Nabulungi daughter of one of the villagers they are there to teach the Mormon way to. The song’s lyrics although about being baptised, could quite easily be misunderstood! Its a really funny song, and has to be played completely straight to really get the humour across. Both must sing it with complete conviction that the song is about being Baptised
  • Spamalot perfectly pastiches a broadway love song in The Song That Goes Like This making it a great song for a male female duet.
    Spamalot is loosely based on the Arthurain Legend, with more than a dash of Monty Python and lots of laughs!
    This song is ung in the show by The Lady of The Lake and a peasant named Dennis Galahad who she has just turned into a Knight ‘Sir Galahad’. They sing about the one song that occurs in every Broadway musical, and its defining features (incredibly long, changing musical keys, and extremely high notes, the male lead at one point complaining that “Now we’re into E, that’s awfully high for me. But everyone can see, we should have stayed in D,” (although in performance, the corresponding keys of the song are F and G)
  • Top Hat is a stage musical which is based on the 1935 screwball comedy with Fred Astiare and Ginger Rogers. The stage show is a celebration of 1930s song and dance with songs by Irving Berlin.
    The story is about an american dancer who comes to London to star in a show and falls in love with the woman from the floor below in the hotel who has complained about his tapping! The story is full of twists, turns and the mistaken identity we all know and love from musicals of this period.
    Outside of This, I Love You is a show stealer added to the stage production and given to the supporting characters of Horace and Madge Hardwick, the bumbling producer of the musical and his wife. It is a great , funny, sarcastic number and works terrifically for male female duos looking to do a bit of schtick!
  • Michael Kooman and Christopher Dimond are new writers on the musical block and have quite a following already.Their musicals include Dani Girl, Orphie and the Book of Heroes and The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes.
    The Temp and The Receptionist is from their musical Homemade Fusion, which is a series of musical snapshots which is ‘trying to make sense of an increasingly senseless world’
    The Temp and The Receptionist is a great song about an office relationship between two shy colleagues. It really is a showstopper with so much room for comedy and fun whilst showing off your singing skills. As a self confessed nerd, I would love to sing this and just need to find my receptionist!
Be bold, daring and creative and you can’t go wrong.