Tips for preparing an audition monologue

tips for preparing an audition monolgue
Photo Credit: Scott Dexter via cc
Doing a monologue for an audition is a pretty intimidating prospect, and rightly so. It is just you out there being judged alone.
If you are reading a scene you will probably have the sides in your hand, and you will be reading with another actor or the casting director, if you are singing a song at least you have the accompanist ‘with’ you.
A monologue is a different kettle of fish, it is just you presenting something with no context, a moment from a play ‘snatched from thin air’.
I would always recommend working with a coach on a monologue, I know I would say that because I am one!
It is really important that you get an outside eye on your piece, someone who can advise you and take what works about you and let that shine through in your performance. A coach is also great at spotting your little ticks or habits which you might be oblivious to, and helping you to eliminate them.
Working with a coach should also build your confidence and allow you to approach an audition with a sense of freedom, play and professionalism which will impress.
Its not always possible to work with a coach on a piece, and in those situations we hope we can help. Use our lists to help you to choose a speech which is suitable for both you and the part you are auditioning for.

Use the following tips to prepare your monologue audition the right way.

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