Tips for Meeting a Casting Director

Tips for meeting with casting directors
Photo Credit: Jason Toff via cc
if you’ve made your mark, in the right way!! We’ll want to work with you and remember you!
Jo Adamson-Parker Casting Director
When you get called in for a casting or audition there is usually a minute or so of ‘chit-chat’, a brief “interview” about you.
In my opinion these ‘brief encounters’ are vitally important, even more so than the reading you have been asked to prepare.
Does that sound odd?

Giving good chat is more important than giving a good reading!

You are probably thinking the important bit is how well you actually audition and read the part. Yes, that is important. The reading is for the part and the part is either yours or it is not, you are either right or wrong for that role.
Be honest about your capabilities and what you’ve done. We are in a small business, which gets smaller the longer you are in it, so any fibs will surely be found out!
Richard Evans Casting Director
This ‘chat’ is all about building a relationship. Your connection with the casting director in those few moments can make all the difference between you being called back time and time again or disappearing into a pile of forgotten faces.
It is so easy to mess it up. There are common mistakes which actors make time and time again when meeting casting directors or agents. You only get one chance to make a lasting first impression so don’t screw it up.