Best Soprano Songs for Musical Theatre Auditions

Soprano Songs For Musical Theatre Auditions
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Actor Hub know how difficult choosing a musical theatre audition song is. There are so many shows and so many songs, it can be overwhelming.
We have a series of articles with some ideas and choices, these are some of our favourites and are songs which we think can show off both your range and singing ability, but more importantly can demonstrate your acting ability, you joy at building a character and creating a performance.
It is vital that when you choose a song you really look at it in the context of performance. Read the whole script, try to get an understanding of the character and why they are singing this particular song.
A musical director will be listening to your voice, seeing if it can fit in with the show, they will be able to spot your vocal ability it is what they are trained to do. Chances are you wouldn’t be there if you couldn’t sing.
What I always think is more important is that you can act, and this is what the director is looking for. They want actors who can bring life to a show and to characters, they want to know you can act and sing. If they just wanted singers, then they would hire a singer. You are an actor, you have trained in acting, in bringing alive a character, so make sure you choose a song which can demonstrate that.
Here is a list of Soprano songs which we feel would work well at any audition. Click on the title or image to watch a video of the song.
Soprano Songs for Musical Auditions
These are songs which will hopefully guide you when looking for a musical theatre audition song, have a watch of the video, listen to the song and if you like it then try and read the script or watch the show and get a feeling for the character, if you can do the character and the song justice … then go for it … if not keep looking and if you find something else let us know via Twitter @actorhub and we can add your choice to the list.

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  • Candide is a musical which is probably more of an operetta than it is traditional musical theatre. It is based on the novella by Voltaire. It is a long, tangled and epic plot with the hero Candide searching for the ‘best of all possible worlds’
    Candide beleives that Cunegonda, his betrothed, is dead and has set out on a journey of discovery. Cunegonde turns up alive in Paris, being supported by a welathy lover living in the house of a Marquis and a Sultan. She is being aided by an Old Lady who is serving as her governess. Cunegonda draps herself in her jewels and sings ‘Glitter and Be Gay’
    The song is brilliant fun, Cunegonda is bemoaning her lost purity, largely because she feels that she ought to do so, and is trying to convince herself that her glee and delight in jewelry is a sign of character when faced with adversity rather than a sign that she has always liked pretty, shiny things!
    If ‘Soliloquy’ is a musical theatre aria for a male singer, then ‘Glitter and Be Gay’ is a musical theatre aria for a soprano.
    “And yet of course I rather like to revel, Ha ha!
    I have no strong objection to champagne, Ha ha!
    My wardrobe is expensive as the devil, Ha ha!”
  • The Glorious Ones is a musical by Flaherty and Ahrens set in 17th Century Italy and concerning a theatre troupe in the world of commedia dell’arte. It is based on the book by Francine Prose.
    The musical is a mixture or slapstick and serious, and tells the story of commedia dell’arte and how its bawdy comedy captured the publics adoration. The Glorious Ones has been called smutty, nutty, sentimental and moving.
    This song is sung by Isabella, an aristocratic young woman who joins the troupe and falls in love with group’s protégé, Francesco. This really is an incredible song for a soprano, it is a beautiful story song up there with Meadowlark and talks of creativity and creation so is perfect for an actress audition song.
  • A beautiful ballad from the musical movie Evening Primrose.
    The character of Ella barely remembers the outside world having been raised from the age of six, after she fell asleep in the hat department, as part of a society who live within a department store ( … I know, just go with me on this one!)
    She has not seen the sun for thirteen years, but she tells Charles what she remembers with this song. She likens the natural world of the outside to the artificial world she has been raised in.
    “I remember trees – Bare as coat racks – Spread like broken umbrellas.”
    The song is full of long phrasing and so requires great control. It was written for a woman to sing but I have heard men sing it too.
  • Its a most unusual day is from the 1948 film ‘A Date With Judy’
    Its a very sweet song with lots of range. The song is sung by Judy in the move and is the swing number she is planning to sing at the high school dance. The film is worth watching for the fantastic Carmen Miranda!
    It is a really classic song, and has been covered by everyone form Andy Williams to the Muppets! The song is a celebration of the exuberance of life.
  • An American Tail: Fievel Goes West is a 1991 sequel to An American Tail – the films tell the story of a family of Jewish-Russian mice who emigrate to the Wild West.
    This song is sung by Tanya, sister to the film’s hero Fievel, who dreams of being a singing star. She sings this song as she daydreams in an under construction saloon. It is also heard over the end credits sung by Linda Rondstadt.
    Dreams to Dream is based on a melody heard in the first movie An American Tail. James Horner went on to write the Titanic mega-hit lovesong “My Heart Will Go On”.
    The song is all about following your dreams and having faith that if you believe them then your dreams can come true. Perfect for an audition!
    “There is a star
    Waiting to guide us
    Shining inside us
    When we close our eyes”
  • That’ll Show Him is from the Stephen Sondheim show A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
    A rare thing in most soprano songs … this is funny, very funny!
    Sung by Philia, the virginal love interest in this farce. She promises Hero, her true love, that even though she has to marry someone else she will always love him. The song is her reassurance to him that when she makes love to Miles (her new husband) she will be thinking of Hero, when she makes love to him she will actually be making love to Hero …, so she’ll make love even more intensely!
    Lots of room for comedy, timing and character play in this song. A lovely choice.
  • Sweeney Todd is melodramatic and almost operatic throughout, this song is one which can really show off a true soprano.
    Johanna is being kept by Judge Turpin almost as a prisoner and in this song she is likening herself to a caged bird. Keep your spirit and voice bright and ‘bird-ish’ when singing it. Each phrase ends with a long note, try to hold it and not decrescendo.
    Outside the sky waits, Beckoning, beckoning, Just beyond the bars. How can you remain, Staring at the rain, Maddened by the stars?
  • Saturday Night was Sondheim’s first musical which was written in 1954 but was never produced until 1997 due to an unfortunate set of events!
    Set in 1929 in Brooklyn a group of friends spend their Saturday Nights restless because they have no dates. Gene, who works in Wall Street in a menial job dreams of escaping Brooklyn and becoming a member of the exciting Manhattan society. He crashes a party and meets Helen (also a gatecrasher).
    As the weeks go by, Gene is so desperate to impress Helen and climb the social ladder that he invests his friends money and even sells their precious automobile.
    Helen tells him that she hates what he is doing but admits that she is in love with him with this song.
    “So many people in the world, And what can they do, They’ll never know love, Like my love for you”
    This ballad requires support due to some of the long phrasing, although for sopranos it is worth noting that this song will use their lower notes which need to be expressive.
Be bold, daring and creative and you can’t go wrong.