Social Life at Drama School

social Life At Drama School
Photo Credit: Karen OD via cc
Every student needs a social life. Even drama students who spend the daytime studying and the evenings rehearsing need to kick back and let off steam. But any form of socialising costs money and if the funds are tight, you are going to have to spend those coppers wisely. Here is a low down on what is on offer for a drama student studying at drama school.
Juggling a social life and heavy drama studies isn’t easy but every student needs to relax and enjoy themselves. There will be times when your social life will have to be put on hold, especially when you have to attend evening rehearsals for that end of term performance or finish off that essay which is due in…tomorrow! Make the most of your time at drama school and make the most of it socially….it will be one of the most memorable and fun filled parts of your life.
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