Auditioning for an Acting course at Drama School

drama school audition
Photo Credit: City Lit via cc
If you want a career acting on stage or on screen then there are so many good drama schools to choose from. Even though it’s not a musical theatre course, you may still be asked to perform movement and songs at your drama school audition. But there are some compulsory requirements needed at your audition.
You will be asked to perform some contrasting speeches or monologues, usually each has to be about two minutes long. They may also ask you to perform in some small group exercises using a script or improvisation to see how well you work in a team. All auditions end with an interview to see how passionate you are about your acting and what you hope to achieve from the course.
One of the most important things to remember is to go to an audition and be yourself. They will no doubt be looking for a mixed bag of people of all ages and all backgrounds, so don’t go to an audition and be anything but yourself.
And make sure you have fun and enjoy the audition. It’s a great experience and you will come across so much better if you have a smile on your face. Here are some tips from Actorhub on how best prepare for a drama school audition. Good Luck!