Actors and Agents – How to have a successful relationship

Photo Credit: Vancouver Film School via cc
It’s a big struggle sometimes to get an agent, and an even bigger struggle to find the right agent. One you feel comfortable with, one you know will work for and with you, one who you can talk to openly and frankly to, and one who you feel has your best interests at heart.
Every actor strives to have a great relationship with their agent, and likewise every agent wants to have a great relationship with their client.
I have a great relationship with my agent, but I know that it is a professional relationship. It is a mutual partnership with benefits and rewards for us both. My agent will arrange interviews and castings for me, and negotiate money on my behalf. My agent is always honest if he feels a job is not right for me, or if a company is not being fair with salary. My agent will believe in me when I am down and celebrate with me when I have success.
I know that it is not all a one way street, I can not expect him to put all of the energy into our relationship, nor should he have to do all of the work. I need to do my bit to keep our relationship healthy and to keep my career working for us both.
An actor agent relationship is a business relationship, you always need to remember that you are ‘the product’ which your agent will sell. You need to believe in yourself and in your agent. You need to offer them loyalty and commitment. You need patience in order to build a healthy actor agent relationship.
This is a business not a hobby and your agent will expect you to behave with professionalism at all times, you are not only selling yourself you are representing your agent and his reputation at any interview or casting.