Setting and achieving your acting goals

Writing down your acting goals can sometimes be the difference between achieving and failing
Photo Credit: Vizzzual via cc
I am writing this at the very start of January. The start of the year is a perfect time to reflect on the past and to think about the future. However this article is just as relevant to you whenever you read it, as long as you take my advice and put pen to paper and write down your goals after reading this. If you do that, I can guarantee good things for the future.
You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
C.S Lewis
I am sure you will have come across countless statistics or been given advice about the power of setting goals both in your personal and professional life. I am also pretty sure that if I asked you today what your goals were for the next six months or year you would be able to rattle off a few goals, but if I asked you next week would you remember what those goals were? Probably not ….. because you didn’t write them down.
Writing down your goals is hugely important if you want to start achieving them. A recent study shows that committing goals to paper and regularly reviewing those goals will give you a 95% higher chance of achieving your desired outcome.
Goals vs Dreams
Don’t make the mistake of confusing dreams and goals. Goals have clear targets with specified time frames and action plans. They should enable you to focus your efforts, attention and drive your motivation. Dreams are wonderful to have but they are just conceptual they are wishes, or desired outcomes with no firm ‘call to action’.
Your dream might be to ‘be in Eastenders’, your goals would be ‘by February 2013 I will have sent my screen clips to the casting department of Eastenders’ & ‘by August 2013 I will have auditioned for the casting director of Eastenders’.
Your dream might be ‘I want horse riding as a skill on my CV’, your goal would be ‘By March 2013 I will have found a horse riding school and signed up for lessons’ & ‘By November 2013 I will have trained in horse riding to a proficient standard’
  • Realise a dream or a wish for your life (personal or professional)
  • Make a change in your life – adding the positive, or removing the negative
  • Improve your skills and performance ability
  • Start or change a habit – both positive or negative
Why set goals?
Setting goals and committing them to paper is a sure fire way to cultivate success.
Anyone who is in our industry can have all manner of dreams and ideas whizzing around their head, added to this is our home life responsibilities and quite possibly the responsibilities and duties of our ‘other job’. It can be hugely difficult to know what to concentrate your efforts on, and it can be all too easy to stretch yourself too thinly and achieve very little.
Life can get in the way.
A goal is a dream with a deadline.
Napoleon Hill
By writing down your goals you are breaking down an idea, a dream, or wish into manageable and achievable chunks. You should have a route map you can follow to help you get to your desired outcome.