Top Tips on Drama School auditions

Actor Hub's Top Tips on Drama School auditions
Applying, auditioning and then getting into any drama school can be a tough business. There is always a high demand for places so you need to get yourself prepared as much as possible. In order for you to be ready for any drama school audition, it will require a large amount of time, energy and passion into your preparation.
Audition panels for any acting school have seen all sorts of auditions, from the brilliant to the unprepared and shoddy. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that drama schools don’t mind if you mess up your audition just because you are young or just starting out. Competition is very high and they are looking for the best. Getting into a school is a competitive environment, as is the acting industry itself.
So how do you perform your very best at a drama school audition? Here are Actor Hub’s top tips to help you prepare and audition well and secure that elusive place at your chosen drama school.