Do It Yourself Showreel. Making your own clips

Do It Yourself Acting Showreel or Actor Clips
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I’m often asked “How can I get television or screen work with no clips online to showcase me as a screen actor?” My answer is always the same, if you can make your own, do so.
Casting directors will often argue whether actor’s should create home made reels. Is it professional for an actor to create footage of their own or should they only stick to legitimate clips of their work?
What casting directors do not argue about is the fact that actors need to have clips or a reel online so that theatre professionals can see them at work. It’s never been easier to get video online. By sending a link to the right people your Actor Clips could easily get seen on Youtube by more people than would ever watch a sitcom pilot which never even got greenlit.
Sometimes it’s difficult directing yourself on film because you can’t quite separate yourself from the subject.
Stanley Tucci
If you are able to get something shot yourself which is professional looking and showcases you in the right light, I think you should go for it. It could easily open the right doors.
Always remember that if it is not getting you work, it is costing you work! If you do plan on making your own footage make sure you do it right. Here are the Actor Hub tips on making your own clips. If you showcase yourself with something that is poorly produced you could easily do yourself more harm than good.
By following these four simple rules you should easily be able to make one or two great scenes which can showcase you as a screen actor to the right people. Remember casting directors rarely watch a whole reel, they will most probably only sit through 30 seconds of any clip, so give them a couple of choices. Actor Clip can get these titled and ready for Spotlight for you.
A wide screen just makes a bad film twice as bad.
Samuel Goldwyn
If the clip is really well done then the casting director probably won’t know you did it yourself. They will think it is a scene from an unaired pilot, an internet series, or a low budget film. If a casting director is watching your clips then chances are they are making sure you know what to do on a set and not waste their time at a casting. They are looking to check what your type is, how you are castable, and whether you are right for the current project. They are on your side, they are already interested.
If you have shot your own material then as and when you get professional stuff it is your first job to start replacing the DIY stuff with the pro stuff.
Your clips are the cinema trailer for the movie that is YOU. Make them memorable. Make them professional. Make them fabulous. Make them want you!
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