Top Five Musical Theatre Audition Songs For Women

Best Musical Theatre Audition Songs For Women
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Casting Directors auditioning actors for Musical Theatre often hear the same songs over and over again. Are they bored of those songs? Sometimes. However these songs are often sung time and time again at castings because they are great to show off acting and vocal skills and they become the perfect musical theatre audition song.
With the internet it has become so much easier for people to get access to scores through sheet music download sites and also naughty bootleg sharing sites. Forums are allowing people to share hot tips and new favourites and Youtube makes searching for audition material much easier. It can be wise to try and find something new, something people are going to be surprised with, but often the favourites are the best. The casting director finds it easy to quickly compare you with others and the accompanist will know how to play the song!
The following are popular audition songs because they work for people, they are story songs, they are able to stand on their own and allow you to show off your singing to its best but also, which is so important and often overlooked when auditioning for musical theatre, these songs allow you to show off your acting skills too.
Audition Songs for Women (with videos):
Here is a list of five current popular audition songs for women.

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  • Caroline or Change is a musical by Tony Kushner and Jeanine Tesori which combines blues, motown, folk, classical and Jewish klezmer music. It has run on Broadway and in London.
    The musical deals with the American civil rights movement in 1963 in Louisana, the time of the assasintaion of JFK. Caroline is a black maid for a Jewish family and the musical follows her life and relationship with the family’s young son Noah, with whom she has a strong connection.
    ‘Lot’s Wife’ is sung by Caroline towards the end of the show as she beg’s God’s forgiveness for keeping some money she had found in Noah’s trousers when doing the laundry and all the bad it has caused, it caused her hatefulness to come out and it made her into a person she didn’t want to become. She asks God to make her not want anything anymore, so that she can never be evil again.
    “Murder me God down in that basement,
    murder my dreams so I stop wantin,
    murder my hope of him returnin,
    strangle the pride that make me crazy!”
  • It Never Was You is from Kurt Weill’s Knickerbocker Holiday
    Knickerbocker Holiday is a romantic comedy from 1938, but also is a political allegory equating Roosevelt’s ‘new deal’ with fascism.
    Kurt Weill was a German composer who is best known for his collaborations with Brecht.
    Sung by Tina Tienhoven, daughter of the head of the town council. Tina is in love with Brom Broeck, a commoner, they hope to marry but Brom wants to be more respectable first.
    The song, like a lot of Weill’s songs, is a standard. It is a beautiful love song and has been covered by everyone from Judy Garland to Megan Mullally! Don’t let that put you off, standards are standards because they are beautiful songs.
    Connect with the truth of the song, with the huge longing of searching for your one true love, connect with the romance and try to connect to the heart and you will hit the right note (and hopefully the right notes!)
  • Jane Eyre the musical, based on the Bronte novel, premiered on Broadway in 2000, it has music and lyrics by Paul Gordon and a book by John Caird.
    The story of Jane Eyre is a typical Bronte romance full of twists and turns, there are numerous film adaptations or I strongly recommend you read the novel, as it is a classic and I don’t want to give away the wonderful story!
    The song Forgiveness comes early on in the show and is sung by the young Jane Eyre who is an orphan being ill treated by her aunt and cousin. It really sums up Jane’s character, full of love and warmth and ‘forgiveness’.
    Its a perfect, simple, audition song which can really show off a clear and unfussy singing voice.
  • Sooner or Later comes from the movie Dick Tracy and is one of the songs which Sondheim wrote for Madonna’s character Breathless Mahoney, a seductive and sultry singer from Club Ritz.
    The song oozes sex appeal as Breathless is desperately trying to seduce Dick throughout the movie, however the double meaning of the song refers to Dick Tracy and how he ‘always gets his man’ ie: he always captures the bad guy.
    Reveal your inner vamp and sexy side and play with the double entendre’s and enjoy it!
    “And no one I’ve kissed, babe, ever fights me again. If you’re on my list, it’s just a question of when.”
  • Flaherty and Ahrens took inspiration from the novel My Love, My Love by Rosa Guy and also sprinkled in some elements from Romeo and Juliet.
    The story concerns a peasant girl on a tropical island in the Caribbean Sea, who uses the power of love to bring together people of different social classes.
    Waiting For Life is sung by the lead character Ti Moune. She is a peasant girl and in this song (early on in the show) she prays to the Gods to let her know her purpose in life and to let her be like the ‘grandes homme’ (people from the city) she has encountered racing past in their white cars.
    A song full of innocence but bursting with desire to be something better than you are today – perfect for a casting.
    ” Even the fish in the sea – Must be longing to fly – Catching a glimpse of a stranger – In white racing by.”