The Worst Things About Being An Actor

This blog post is reprinted with the kind permission of actress, comedian and blogger@lollydoeslondon
Lolly Jones:
Lolly has been an actress for over ten years, playing a variety of roles on stage and in film and television.
Performing as Lorna Jones, she has sat in the ‘single mum’, ‘barmaid’ and ‘wench’ pigeon hole for many years. Hey! Whatever pays the bills. Recently, she has branched out to play a sex toy seller (Murdered by my Boyfriend – BBC 3) and a friendly abortionist (Saturday Night, Sunday Morning – BBC Radio 4).
She will not get out of bed for less than 10% below Equity Minimum.
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The Top 10 Worst Things about Being an Actor

Oh, the life of an actor, eh?! Red carpets, exclusive parties, famous bed fellows…
But no one tells you about the Front of House jobs, the spiral of rejection or the obligatory admin support for the Fringe show you are performing in. FOR FREE.
Ladies and Gentleman, please switch off your mobile telephones (and buy an overpriced Programme from me at the interval)…I present to you the 10 Worst Things about being an Actor:
Lolly would like to also thank for their contributing ideas fellow actor sufferers: Gemma Morsley, Kivan Dene, Jo Simpkins, Doug Rankin, Katie Salt, Chris Rogers, Ciaran Dowd, Emma Fyles, Alison Baker, Dawn Sievewright, Laura Hyde, Molly Roberts, Daniel Williams, Dan Maclane, Jane Murphy, Sarah Langrish, Chris Wild, Natalie Bridge, Jez Hodgson, Lewis Reeves, Ryan O’Donnell and Emma Cremnitz.