Thirteen things stagey people do ….

This blog post is reprinted with the kind permission of @daisytait
Daisy Tait in her own words:
“I’m a recent dance/musical theatre graduate but when I’m not prancing around in a studio, or serving burgers to pay the rent between dance jobs (Out of work actress working as a waitress, I know, cliche much!) – I simply love to write.
Being creative is what I know and love, whether it’s from writing or shaking my limbs about in-between obscure poses – it’s my outlet.”
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13 Things Stagey People Do, That Normal People Don’t

Urban dictionary shows the word ‘stagey’ is used to describe all things excessively theatrical, including the people. Stagey people are almost a species of their own, you can tell one from almost a mile off (most of the time you will hear them first) – but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Here are a few things that stagey folk do that most muggles (non stagey people) wouldn’t dream of doing for fear of being subject to ridicule and judgement…