Why starring in a panto is great for your performing career

Why starring in a panto is great for your performing career_550
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Kick-Start Your Career in Pantomime

If you are looking to kick-start your performing career, there is no better time than panto season!
Many well known celebrities still get involved in the panto circuit, so not only could you learn some valuable tips from them but you could also get paid to do something you love and add some valuable credentials to your CV.
In this article, Media Volt reveals what type of jobs are available in panto, top tips for applying and auditioning and why you don’t have to settle for endless unpaid, ‘work experience’ opportunities.
Panto is often seen by newcomers as an “easy gig”, however pantomime can be one of the most demanding aspects of theatre and also, very unforgiving.
When performing in pantomimes you have to be capable in three areas, acting, dancing and singing.
When casting directors look to cast, they expect to see “triple threat” performers. Because of the style of theatre, casting directors look for people with bags of personality and larger than life characters. Too often people who attend are too dull, serious and negative.
Pantomime is all about having great confidence so bring along great high tempo songs that show off your range.
Remember auditioning is all about selling yourself to show that you are the best person for the job and you have all the skills they are looking for.
Panto is a lot different to “normal” theatre because there is a lot of audience interaction, so being quick witted and having the ability to think on your feet and keep in character is a must.
Lots of energy and being physically fit is also really important because you will often be on stage for over 2 hours, twice a day, 6 days a week!
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