Jennifer Mudge takes the Actor Hub Musical Theatre Challenge

Jennifer Mudge is an American actress known for both her stage and television work.
Jennifer will be playing the Witch in the Roundabout revival of Into The Woods from late 2014 through to Spring 2015.
She most recently appeared in Rocky on Broadway and in Neil LaBute’s Happy Hour as part of LaMama’s aDa Festival. Last spring she appeared as the Witch in an acclaimed revival of Into the Woods at the McCarter with Fiasco. She played opposite Matthew Broderick in the Roundabout’s Broadway production of The Philanthropist, and was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for the first NY revival of Dutchman, at the Cherry Lane. She also played Maggie at the Geffen Playhouse in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, with John Goodman.
Film and TV appearances include Hal Hartley’s indie feature My America, season one of BOSS opposite Kelsey Grammer (Starz), Dead Man Down, You Don’t Know Jack (HBO), and Mary Harron’s short film, Sonnet for a Towncar, opposite Josh Charles, as well as Stephen Belber’s Drifting Elegant, Lefty Loosey (Northside Festival winner), The Big C, The Good Wife, Mercy, Life is Wild, Canterbury’s Law, Law & Order and L&O: Criminal Intent.
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A song from the first musical you saw/heard
Maybe – Annie (of course!)
ps. Her parents last names are Mudge. I thought it was destiny.
A song from your latest musical obsession
Just saw my incredible friend Phoebe Strole in a one act of Marisa Michelson’s called The Other Room
I don’t even know song titles yet. It’s amazing.
A song demonstrating how underrated you think a musical is
Welcome to My Party – Wild Party – LaChiusa
I only saw this when it was on Broadway – but it jumps to mind – I don’t even have a recording. Just remembered it.
A song which can make you cry
Love Like That – Passing Strange
I can’t even think about it without getting teary-eyed.
A song which makes you laugh
Ladies Who Lunch – Company
I mean.
The musical you’d kill to be in
My Fair Lady
Aggh. It requires everything.
A song sung by your favourite female character in a musical
If He Walked into My Life – Mame
Being an auntie, this one has recently been working on me….
A song sung by your favourite male character in a musical
Soliloquy – Carousel
I don’t know if he’s my VERY favorite character … But that song!!!!!
A song from the musical you know all – or nearly all – the lines to
Goodnight, My Someone – Music Man
It’s a perfect piece of art, that show.
I didn’t know, til I worked on it — I thought it was a “kid” show. I was stupid.
Your guilty pleasure musical
Grease 2
I cannot BELIEVE this hasn’t been brought to NY ( has it?).
My husband did a stage version of it when he was at Yale. I’m sure I would’ve fallen in love the instant he came onstage in leather pants.
The musical which made the most impact on you
Huh. That changes …. But right now, I would say Into the Woods
… Not just that I’m about to do it, but also because I did it in grad school (as Cinderella), then revisited it through workshops with Fiasco ….
I’ve been on a career-long journey with this piece, and it’s wild to keep revisiting a show as I move through life, and what things jump out that I didn’t notice.
A song you could listen to all day.
Tonight – Reprise – West Side Story
When everyone starts in, it’s the epitome of perfect theater – story-telling, anticipation, that glorious music and those voices!
A song by your favourite musical composer
Not a Day Goes By – Merrily We Roll Along.
I love Mr. Sondheim.
The character you’d kill to play
Mama Rose – Gypsy
someday … Which would only be in character….
The character you’d kill to play – if you were the opposite sex
Sky Masterson – Guys & Dolls
I’d keep the hats!
A song which inspires you
Move On – Sunday in the Park
It’s everything in one song. Life. Art. Saint Bernadette.
The musical you’ve seen over and over
Passing Strange
I can’t get enough of it. Saw it downtown, Broadway (3x!), the Spike Lee concert version.
It’s stunning. Poetry and music and just the best cast.
The character in a musical you can most relate to
Hmmm. Millie Dillmount mixed with Sweeney Todd.
A song from your favourite musical
Epiphany – Sweeney Todd
Your favourite song NOT from a musical
That’s hard! Ok, today? Right now? Let’s say Hope that I don’t Fall in Love with You – Tom Waits
Big thanks to Jennifer Mudge for taking the Actor Hub Musical Theatre Challenge.
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Jennifer Mudge as The Witch in Into The Woods
With only 10 actors, one piano and boundless imagination, this witty and wildly theatrical re-invention this Into the Woods like you’ve never seen it before!
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