Five tips for an awesome voice or voiceover reel

Five tips for an awesome voice or voiceover reel_550
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Kirsty Gillmore is a London-based voice reel producer, voice over artist and sound designer and the owner of Sounds Wilde.
She is a recommended voice reel supplier for United Voices and her clients have been cast in national commercials, video games and animations and signed to voice agencies in UK and the US on the strength of their voice reels.
As a professional voice artist she has recorded commercial and corporate voice overs for clients across the UK and internationally.
More about Kirsty’s voice reel service at and connect with her on Twitter @soundswilde.

How to get the best voice reel

Whether you’re an actor who’s looking to expand on their skills or someone who’s done a bit of voice over work and wants to expand your range, the voice over world has a place for you, if you’re willing to work for it.
Before you can get work, you need a portfolio to show what you can do: a voice reel or voice demo. So, it’s a case of just googling “voice reels” in your area and shoving your hard-earned cash at the voice reel provider that seems like the best fit, right?
Hold on there – if you’ve already had a reasonable amount of voice over training or experience, have your own scripts and are a whiz at self-direction, it can be that simple. But if you’re new to voice over, a little preparation goes a long way.

Here are 5 tips for an awesome voice reel:

The world of voice over can offer exciting and varied work. With the right preparation you can enter it with the best showcase of your voice.
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