Chondra Profit takes the Actor Hub Musical Theatre Challenge

As a toddler, while watching her mother direct stage plays, Chondra La-Tease Profit, fell in love with the arts. That love increased and was further nurtured as she attended The San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts (SDSCPA). She has since pursued her passion of theatre while studying and receiving a BFA from The American Music of Dramatic Academy of the Arts (AMDA). With no end in sight, Chondra has continued to receive professional training in acting, song and dance.
Chondra’s most recent theatre work includes: Broadway:The Lion King (Sarabi U.S.Nala) International Tours: The Ebony Fashion Fair (Commentator), National Tours: Jingle Bell Rock (Lead Vocalist), Ichoose (Mrs. G) Regional: A Chorus Line (Shelia), Aida (Nehebka), Ragtime (Sarah’s Friend), Once On This Island (Timoune).
December 2013 Chondra her first solo album in titled A Jazzed Up Christmas where she put a jazz spin on some great Christmas classics.
Her love of the stage and the arts has led her to her more recent passion of teaching and being apart of the advancement and development of youth. She has been The Director of Operations for many teen programs all over the world. Be-YOU-Tiful Foundation(which promotes young ladies to just BE-YOU) Runway Rhythms( which teaches the core fundamentals of modeling, etiquette and public speaking) TAA (Talent Award Association) (which helps youth recognize their talents and how to take them to its highest level) Just to name a few.
Chondra devotes much of her time to social activism. In 2013, Chondra took a break from performing to donate her bone marrow in an attempt to save the life of a child diagnosed with leukemia.
She regularly raises her voice in support of the LGBT community through numerous appearances at fundraisers and events in the greater NYC area including Broadway Sings for Pride, Broadway Serves, Broadway Battles Bullying, Broadway supports ASPCA and Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS.
Chondra continues to pursue her passion of theatre and teaching and aspires to some day inspire the same way so many of her inspirations and role models did her.
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A song from the first musical you saw/heard
“Mama, I Want to Sing” From the longest running show off-broadway Mama I Want to Sing
I can remember being really young like 7 or 8 seeing this show and after the show I couldn’t stop singing the chorus of the song.
A song from your latest musical obsession
OMG!!! I’m obsessed with a few things but The Original cast recording of Marie Christine is on repeat
Audra Mcdonald is vocally breath taking especially in the song “Beautiful”
A song demonstrating how underrated you think a musical is
When I think of underratted Musicals I instantly think of The Bridges of Madison County
I left out of the theatre gasping for air because of all the emotions that I experienced with this show. Steven Pasquale singing “It All Fades Away” I literally cried like a baby.
This was definalty a gem that was lost too soon.
A song which can make you cry
“Shadowland” From Disney’s The Lion King
Every time I hear this song I get choked up.
I have the pleasure of performing this song 8 times a week either in the choir as Sarabi or when I’m on as Nala and it brings me to tears nightly.
A song which makes you laugh
“Spooky Morman Hell Dream” From The Book Of Mormon
This show is really funny but I kept laughing in this number.
The musical you’d kill to be in
If I could go back in time to 1981, I would KILL do the role of Phylis Hyman in Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Ladies
That time on Broadway was AMAZING!!! such a presence of beautiful sophisticated black women.
A song sung by your favourite female character in a musical
Heather Headley in Aida singing “Easy As Life” – hands down one of the best scores ever written.
This music just moves me.
A song sung by your favourite male character in a musical
Constantine Maroulis in Jekyll & Hyde singing “This is The Moment” I have always loved this show and this song.
The edge that they gave this score made me love it even more.
A song from the musical you know all – or nearly all – the lines to
“I am Changing” from Dreamgirls
Your guilty pleasure musical
Chicago – I just love the show
The musical which made the most impact on you
This show is the reason I really became a performer.
A song you could listen to all day.
“Home” from The Wiz – I get home sick pretty often and this song helps me get through.
A song by your favourite musical composer
The great Stephen Sondheim …
Geesh there’s so many but I have to say “Move on” from Sunday In The Park With George
The character you’d kill to play (part one)
Currently “The Leading Player” in Pippin
The character you’d kill to play (part two)
Shug Avery in The Color Purple
The character you’d kill to play – if you were the opposite sex
Hahaha I would LOVE to play “SCAR” – just once – hahaha – it would be amazing hahaha
A song which inspires you
Oh “Sister Act” from Sister Act
Everytime I hear this song it reminds me of how blessed I am to have a strong support system.
It humbles and inspires me to continue pressing towards my goals.
The musical you’ve seen over and over
Does The Lion King count – 1500 and counting!
The character in a musical you can most relate to
I would have to say Ti Moune from Once on this Island
A girl that is caring, giving and loyal. A person that will give thier all for something she believes in.
A passionate person who believes in the power of LOVE, FAITH AND FATE.
Yeah thats me.
A song from your favourite musical
“Waiting For Life” from Once on this Island
Your favourite song NOT from a musical
Oh my where to begin…….. I am a super Jazz ,Gospel and Christmas Music head … I have list that can go on for days
‘Siboney’, ‘My Funny Valentine’, ‘Guess Who I Saw Today’, ‘Break Every Chain’
Anything Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday or Nancy Wilson
Big thanks to Chondra for taking the Actor Hub Musical Theatre Challenge.
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Chondra sings the beautiful ‘Feel The Love’ at 54 Below
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