Jason “SweetTooth” Williams takes the Actor Hub Musical Theatre Challenge

Jason “SweetTooth” Williams is a New York based actor/ singer/ writer. He is passionate about performing in and creating new works for the stage.
Along with theater artists Joe Iconis and Lance Rubin, Jason has written the 70’s Exploitation Movie-inspired action musical Annie Golden: Bounty Hunter, Yo! which will hopefully be seen by audiences very soon.
He is a regular member of Joe Iconis and Family and can be heard on the recordings of THINGS TO RUIN: The Songs of Joe Iconis and The Joe Iconis Rock n Roll Jamboree, available from Ghostlight/ SH-k-Book records and for sale anywhere you can buy music online.
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A song from the first musical you saw/heard
‘Pinball Wizard’ from The Who’s Tommy.
While this wasn’t really the first musical I ever saw or heard, it was my first Broadway experience. I was blown away.
I’m not even sure it made me think “I wanna be an actor”, but I thought “I wanna do something as awesome as this.”
A song from your latest musical obsession
“I Don’t Care Much” from the Cabaret revival.
I was late to the game as far as hearing seeing Cabaret, and when I did earlier this year I was hooked.
Alan Cumming singing this song is the perfect marriage of actor/ material/ production/ direction.
A song demonstrating how underrated you think a musical is
“Social Worker” from The Black Suits.
One day, this whole show will finally be seen by the masses for the masterpiece it is.
A song this complex by a character this young from a “fun” show about a high school garage band? I mean, come on. Brilliant.
A song which can make you cry
“Dear One” from Kiss of the Spider Woman.
Just give it a listen. You’ll understand.
A song which makes you laugh
“Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist” from Avenue Q.
This song is hilarious as is anything from Avenue Q or anything featuring Ann Harada for that matter.
The musical you’d kill to be in
Sweeney Todd.
One of the greatest, most epic shows of all time. Its so dark and immense and challenging.
A song sung by your favourite female character in a musical
“Sunday in the Park WIth George” from Sunday in the Park With George as performed by Bernadette Peters.
One of the greatest performances ever in my opinion (from a man or woman).
A song sung by your favourite male character in a musical
“The Ballad of Booth” from Assassins.
Booth is such a complex character and his material is some of the best in Assassins. Remarkable.
A song from the musical you know all – or nearly all – the lines to
“Not Getting Married Today” from Company.
When I was younger I used to pride myself on knowing all the words to this song (and the whole show).
I probably couldn’t do it as well now, but in about ten minutes, I’m gonna try…
Your guilty pleasure musical
Legally Blonde.
Especially the opening number. That’s all I have to say about that.
The musical which made the most impact on you
Bloodsong of Love by Joe Iconis.
A totem, a high water mark, a mantra, a piece of art.
A song you could listen to all day.
“Pity the Child” from Chess.
SO badass. Also when you listen to something all day you tend to be singing it all day. This song is guaranteed to make you lose your voice.
A song by your favourite musical composer
Ammonia by Joe Iconis.
As a long standing member of Joe Iconis and Family, I am naturally biased here. But I know that even if I had never met Joe, I would be his absolute biggest fan. This song might be why.
The character you’d kill to play
Sweeney Todd.
Just to sing “These are my friends…” which my shower knows I do a stirring rendition of.
The character you’d kill to play – if you were the opposite sex
The Baker’s Wife from Into the Woods.
A song which inspires you
“Move On” from Sunday in the Park With George.
It just does. (Also contains the most chill-inducing key change of all time)
The musical you’ve seen over and over
Not sure if this counts but the PBS recording of Into The Woods was seen on my tv growing up almost as much as Ghostbusters.
The character in a musical you can most relate to
Hunter from [title of show].
Deep guy. Funny guy. Real guy.
A song from your favourite musical
“Feed the Birds” from the movie of Mary Poppins.
One of the most gorgeous songs ever written. Sherman Brothers, I bow to you.
Your favourite song NOT from a musical
This changes for me regularly. Right now it’s “Ready to Start” by Arcade Fire.
Big thanks to Jason for taking the Actor Hub Musical Theatre Challenge.
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Jason singing Actor Hub’s favourite ‘The Goodbye Song’
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