Actor Hub Top Tips: Getting the perfect headshot.

Photo Credit: E Wustenhagen via cc
Every actor needs a good headshot, without this, your career will be going nowhere! Some actors are lucky enough to be instantly photogenic, but unfortunately for most of us it needs some preparation and hard work to get that ideal shot.

“Your headshot is always the first stage of any casting process”

Your headshot is always going to be the ‘first stage’ of any casting process. If you don’t get it right, there aren’t going to be many auditions coming your way. As actors, we have to rely on our headshot. Like your Actor Design website, your headshot is a vital ‘business card’, which should sum you up instantly.
Before we go any further, we need to advise you that your headshot needs to be taken by a professional photographer. Some casting directors and agents have told us that they have received all manner of unsuitable headshots including: holiday photographs, wedding photos, fancy dress poses, passport pictures and amateur headshot photographs which have obviously been taken by friends.
Don’t cut corners with your headshot – pay a professional to do it!
So how do you get that perfect headshot? The one photograph that sums you up in a second. Actor Design have put their heads together, done some research and created the following list of useful top tips for getting the perfect headshot. These tips will take you through the whole process, from start to finish, so that you end up with best possible headshot.