Behave as if you already have the role

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How can I make auditioning easier?

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever give by a casting director was that at an audition you should ‘Behave as if you already have the role’
So, I guess that probably sounds like one of those pieces of advice which is easier said than done, huh?
Re-read that sentence – ‘Behave as if you already have the role’ – think about it, when you truly consider what this phrase means I am sure that you can see it is actually much easier to do than you thought.
When you are called in to audition for a role the one true fact you know is that the role has NOT yet been cast, so behave as if the role IS yours, for those few moments it doesn’t belong to anyone else.
Actors tend to get in their own way, a lot. A lot of times you will do things that will screw up your audition process.
George Clooney
Yes, at times, there will be front runner in the casting director’s head but your job at that audition is to make the people in the room forget about anyone else they might have seen already, or are yet to see and only see you in the role. The way to do that is to come in the room with none of the ‘junk’ we actors can so often bring to an audition.
What junk do I mean?
When you come to audition for a role very often you can be hung up on stuff … like how desperate you are the get the job, or worried about a choice you have made when you were rehearsing the scene, or a character decision you have made. All of this is visible when you perform. It steals from your talent and makes it uncomfortable to watch.
When you are able to go to an audition and know that – for those 5, 10, 15 minutes that you are with the director or casting director – the role is yours, then your behaviour will alter and you will be more relaxed, confident and be able to play with the scene, character and choices. You are able to approach the audition with a sense of fun and discovery.
You have to remember is that the worst thing that could happen is you don’t get the job you don’t already have.
George Clooney
When you walk out of that casting room, forget all about it – shake it off and move on. Your job is done. Never get hung up on the ‘now what’ and the ‘what if’ – let it go and get on with your life.
Auditioning is just acting – enjoy doing what you love so that others will enjoy watching you doing what you love.
Take the pressure off the casting director and cast yourself in the role for that short period of time – this will also take the pressure off yourself, the pressure of feeling you are ‘up for a job’.
When you walk in the casting room do not walk in wanting to get the role – walk in having got the role. It will be a whole different story, believe me.
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