Ten Things NOT to do at a Drama School Musical Theatre Audition

Ten Things NOT to do at a Drama School Musical Theatre Audition_550
Photo Credit: marfis75 via cc

Musical theatre performers stand out from the crowd

Every actor needs to have a strong personality and be able to show that off when needed, the worst thing for any performer to be described as is ‘bland’. This is especially true of musical theatre performers – in real life we don’t break out into song as times of hightened emotion, but in musical theatre land we do and to sell this hightened reality we need performers who have a strong presence, who are confident and unique.
At a musical theatre drama school audition a panel want to see these qualities. They want to meet perfomers who are confident in who they are and who have that magic magnetism that makes musicals shine. If you can demonstarte these qualities in your performance and interview it could make all the difference in them saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

The number one goal at an audition should be to be yourself

Your personality is projected in every choice you make in that audition. The clothes you wear, the way you enter the room, the way you introduce your pieces and the way you answer the panel’s questions, and the pieces you have chosen are all giving the auditioners a glimpse of who you are as both a performer and as a person.
Never affect a personality which you think they want to see. The quirks which make you distinctly you are the gifts which will make the panel choose you.
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