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We were lucky enough to talk to the musical theatre writing team, Rosser and Sohne, to find out which of their songs they would choose as great audition numbers.
Tim Rosser and Charlie Sohne were finalists for the 2013 Ebb Award. Together Rosser and Sohne have written Run Away Home , The Profit of Creation (Yale Institute for Music Theater 2011, ASCAP’s Johnny Mercer Program 2010), Political Speeches (Culture Project’s Impact Series 2012), The Boy Who Danced On Air (The Lark’s Monthly Meeting of the Minds 2012, Lark Roundtable 2012, Rodgers Award Finalist 2013) among others. Their work has been seen at a sold-out 54 Below show, Cutting Edge Composers at Joe’s Pub and more. They were both members of the Advanced Class of the BMI Workshop.
Tim Rosser

Tim is a music director, composer and pianist. Credits include: music director for the BC/EFA benefit Broadway Backwards, keyboards for The Addams Family on Broadway and Carrie at the Lucille Lortel, rehearsal piano for Little Me in City Center’s ENCORES! series, and music director of several years for Making Books Sing’s beautiful musicals for young audiences and The Water Coolers hilarious music and comedy act.
Charlie Sohne

Charlie wrote lyrics for The Shadow Sparrow (book by Anton Dudley, music by Keith Gordon), which was workshopped at The 2011 O’Neill Music Theater conference, and Kissing The Underworld (book by Anton Dudley) which received a commission from The Cherry Lane Theater. His song I’m Just Glad You’re Here(music by David Gaines) was named one of the Top 25 Songs in the Directory of Contemporary Musical Theater Writers.
Here are the five of our songs that we’d recommend most for auditions. Keys are flexible and if anyone wants more info they can check out our website at or email us
Audition Songs Picked by Tim Rosser and Charlie Sohne
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  • rosser_sohne
    “This is a great ballad for a soprano – you can mix it / belt it, but also works great for showing off a more legit side to your voice.

    Mary dreams of a camping trip that her neglectful husband has promised to take her on. She imagines it will be just like the one they went on for their honeymoon years ago.”
    Rosser and Sohne
    The Profit of Creation is all about a physicist, Max who with nothing going right in his life decides to accept an offer from a right-wing organization to fly out to Kentucky and head-up a newly planned Creation Museum. His cynical decision takes a surprising turn when he falls in love, makes promises he can’t keep and becomes deeply connected to people who, at first glance, seem completely unlike himself.
    This ballad would suit an older actress – with audition songs it is important to choose age appropriate numbers and this needs some life experience for it to work. Mary is the neglected wife of a Pastor and she is deeply unhappy at her core but is hiding this by furiously living in the past.
    “The nights are so dark
    The moonlights so dim
    The noise non existant
    His work work will feel distant
    instead of just … him
    Its all I see”
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  • rosser_sohne
    “This is a really good song for a belt-y female and is fairly emotional with a pretty wide arc – therefore has a lot of space to show off acting chops.

    Amber sings about her brother, Clay – reflecting on all that he meant to her.

    Perfect for a belty soprano, key is flexible.”
    Rosser and Sohne
    This lovely song is taken from Charlie and Tim’s newest musical ‘Run Away Home’ – The story of Gabriel Morel, a 20-something Frenchman who convinced a grieving family that he was their long lost 16-year -old son, Clay. Though Gabriel looked nothing like Clay, the family took him in as their own. Inspired by true events.
    “Simply because you were there
    the daylight semmed to have more colours,
    Simply because you were there
    the night time seemed a bit less grey”
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  • rosser_sohne
    “This song is a good ballad for a young looking tenor. It’s sweet but with a drive to it.

    As rumors spread that Evan, who’s 12, might possibly be gay, he is ostracized and teased in school. Even his best friend, a popular kid named Jason, turns his back when suspicions arise about the nature of their friendship.

    Afraid of losing Jason, who he has deeper feelings for than anyone else he’s met, our main character writes a letter to his friend — trying to articulate the nature of how he feels about him as a way of proving that there’s nothing weird about it.”
    Rosser and Sohne
    This song is age appropriate for most drama school auditionees and is so full of character that it will be a wonderful showcase for your acting as well as your musical ability.
    It is a really beautiful and heartbreaking song and if performed with honesty and simplicity will touch hearts as well as make the audience laugh – a great audition piece.
    “Its just youre on my mind
    like when youre not there youre on my mind
    and I think about the ways I find you both cool, and mature
    How your smile and your spark made the walk home less dark, more secure,
    Nothing more”
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  • rosser_sohne
    “This works well as a sweet/lighter song.

    As the new year approaches, Sophie Barstokes tries to ignore her mother’s meddling and focus on her work – designing a new toy bear for the family department story.”
    Rosser and Sohne
    This wonderful song is taken from the show ‘Third Times A Charm’ – a holiday musical, with a book by Anton Dudley, that celebrates the power of creativity, love, and being true to one’s self.
    A brilliant but unsuccessful toymaker, Theo, works as a low level stock boy for the Barstokes Department store. He dreams of being recognized for his inventions and of capturing the love of Sophie Barstokes, who runs the store.
    “The softest fur
    He never plays the tough guy
    But still his fabrics thick, it won’t tear.
    And just for you, a personal inscription,
    Its nice to dream about the life you could share
    He’s everything a girl wants in a bear”
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  • rosser_sohne
    ” A big I want song for a male tenor.

    Gabriel has, at this point, taken on numerous made-up identities in order to escape his past. In this moment he considers stealing someone’s actual identity: posing as Clay, the missing son of a Texas family.

    He fears that he’ll be found out, but imagines what it would be like to have a permanent identity and a fresh start.”
    Rosser and Sohne
    A wonderful audition song if you have the vocal and acting ability to pull it off. Its age appropraite for a drama school audition, it has the magic ‘I Want’ emotion which is so useful for auditions (as its the emotion you’ll probably be feeling!)
    “My new home, not a reason to leave it
    My street, the same each day
    My life, and a way to acheive it
    It’s a pleasure to meet you ….
    I’m Clay”
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