Finding the Right Audition Piece

Actor and Director Ben Hodge has been the acting teacher at Central York High School for the past 10 years where he has developed an innovative and fresh curriculum for young actors aged 13-24. This curriculum and workshop format is now available to the greater York area with hopes of training and leading new actors to the realisation that acting is a more than just a hobby or pastime: it is an honourable profession and a way of life. His connections with New York City, LA and local talent agencies are now being offered to anyone who joins the Studio classes and have opened the doors for many already joined. He currently runs classes and offers private acting coaching via Skype. Connect with Ben on Twitter or via email
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So you’ve all been there. You are prepping for that audition. You look through the breakdowns or the guidelines and begin to stress about what is going to be best. If you are left to choose from a variety of prescribed pieces or from our own search, you start doubting your talents and skills. Your decision making starts to turn stagnant and subjectivity and self-doubt take over.
It can truly be frustrating. Should you go with the comic relief, or the dramatic ingenue? Sometimes the decision and discovery can be overwhelming. I would like to posit that it does not need to be a difficult endeavor.
Finding the right audition piece can be as simple following three things:
Finding an audition piece when given the opportunity doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Take a step back, be honest and objective with yourself and always make your choice based on what will be best for your acting career.

About Ben

Ben Hodge has been acting and directing for 20 years in a variety of formats. He has directed several productions in York, PA and had his play REACH performed in NYC at an Off-Broadway venue in 2009. Ben studied English and Acting at Messiah College and received his Masters in Education from Penn State University. After the success of REACH, the hit play about the hidden issues of 21st Century teens, Ben started acting classes in the York, PA area and created Ben Hodge Studios in October 2009. His main goal is to bring a high-level, professional acting workshop to York, PA that is modelled after professional workshops with influences by Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner and David Mamet.
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