Headshot Tips for Actors

Thanks to Headshot photographer Pete Bartlett for this article. Pete is a photographer based in Notting Hill, London. He specialises in Actor Headshots, Portraits, Weddings and Fashion Photography. Check him out on Facebook or visit his website at www.petebartlett.com
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Photograph copyright of Pete Bartlett

What is a Good Headshot?

To be taken seriously at all an actor has to have a good, professionally taken headshot.
It’s main purpose is to get you to an audition. In order to do that it needs to look like an honest representation of you, a Casting Director will not be interested if they cannot be sure that will turn up at an audition looking exactly like your picture, but you on a really really good day.
Lastly I’d urge you to try to enjoy the day of your headshots. Treat yourself that day, coffees, taxis etc. Your sense of fun, relaxation and feeling special will show up in the pictures!

About Me

Having previously worked in the film industry, I’ve now been shooting actor headshots for the last 8 years. I am lucky enough to include many of London’s top agents as my clients. I live and work in Notting Hill. What I love most about the job, clichéd though it may be, is that I really like meeting people. I am genuinely interested in each and every client I have. I ‘m told and in fact I know that that fact translates into successful pictures more than anything else.
Check out my work here:PeteBartlett.com
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