How to act at a commercial casting – audition tips for actors

How to act at a commercial casting - audition tips for actors_550
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How should I audition for commericals and adverts

I am just the first part of the process. I am step one. It is up to the ad agency and the director.

And if there is a call back, I’d consider it a gift. It is a gift for actors, it shows they are doing something right.
Joan Lynn US Commercial Casting Director
Anyone who has ever been for a commercial audition will tell you that they are a whole different ballgame to any audition you have experienced before. They usually involve a long wait, they usually involve you doing something completely bonkers and they usually make you feel more like being at a cattle call than being a handpicked actor.
However, the benefits of getting cast in an advert are huge. They normally pay very well for just one or two days work. They introduce you to fresh new exciting directors who you might later meet in both television work and movie work too. They can be a lot of fun. They get your face seen on tv, and whilst you might not be recognised as ‘the guy from the yogurt ad’ people will associate you with being on tv and their confidence in casting you will grow.
Commercial auditions can be a lot of fun if you stop ‘dreading’ them before they even happen, look upon them as an opportunity to have a laugh and to do a little of what you do best: act, impro and have fun.
You need to know the best way to behave at a commercial audition if you are ever going to succeed in booking the job so here are our top ten tips for commercial auditions.