What to do when you do not get the job

What to do when you do not get the job_550
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How to get motivated again when you don’t get the role

The Acting world is harsh, hurtful and full of loads of rejection – that’s the truth of it. Believe me though, even knowing that it never gets easier when you don’t get that dream role which you have put so much effort in to getting.
The depression isn’t about anything, it’s not about ‘woe is me’. It’s like the worst flu all day and you can’t kick it
Robbie Williams
I’ve been there time and time again. Just last year I was auditioned for a great role in a new series for BBC, I read really well, I have a great relationship with the casting director and I met the director and we seemed to hit it off – however I didn’t get the job. All that work, all those dreams and it all came to nothing. I was left feeling empty and down.
Another time I was called in for a lovely comedy role in a big musical – it had been years since I had done musical theatre so I invested in a good singing teacher to take me through the songs. I even had a mock audition with the casting director as she knew I would be green when it came to musical castings. I was called back for a few recalls, everything was going great – it was down to me and one other actor – the call came through and they had gone with the other guy.
I was gutted, I had worked myself up and started believing the job was mine.
I just felt as though I would never be happy again, and as if I had fallen into a big black hole
Brooke Shields
Its very easy to become depressed when you are rejected for an acting role. You don’t have to be clinically depressed for it to effect you, even just feeling like you are trapped in a rut can be depression.
It can be hard to get on with life, you just want to stay in bed – just getting out of bed and showering can seem like a huge effort.
At these times you absolutely need to stay motivated. At your lowest points it is vital you continue to live your life and work towards feeling better once again.
Here are some really simple ways you can motivate yourself on a daily basis.
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