Wicked’s Elphaba – Willemijn Verkaik – Shares her top tips for musical theatre actors

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Photo Credit: ING Nederland via cc

If you fall, just get back up again. And you will fall a few times, because there is so much competition

It is always wonderful to read stories of performers who have made it. You can learn so much from their journey. I find it inspiring and affirming to know that other actors have been through the same struggles as I am going through. It’s reassuring to hear that even big performers get as nervous as I do.
At Actor Hub we interview actors who are performing on the West End or Broadway stage and find out any advice they can share with you, we also plough the internet for any advice or tips which we can share your way.
From the BBC we have found these terrific tips from Willemijn Verkaik who has performed as Elphaba in Wicked both here in the West End and on Broadway. Her advice should be really useful for any of you who are considering a career in Musical Theatre or even those of you who are already starting out, be it in the ensemble or endless castings!
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Additional Photo Credit: Jody Schouten/Diana Vellema via cc