Eight steps to having a successful career as an Actor

Eight steps to having a successful career as an Actor_550
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Ben Whitehair is an actor, web designer, and an entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. Ben has starred in films that have premiered at film festivals all across the country. You can check out his reel, headshots, contact information, and embarrassing baby pictures on his website benwhitehair.com or connect with him on twitter @BenWhitehair
This was an email I received that pretty much sums up how to make it out here.
It was authored by Marc Zicree.

Making it in Hollywood is Simple…

Actors and writers and producers and directors – especially beginning ones – are often running around crazily to networking events big and small, attending Pitchfests and Industry Expos, feverishly sending out postcards and headshots, reading endless books on the Industry – many of which lay down so many self-contradictory theories and rules that they’re only left more lost and confused than when they started.
Making it in Hollywood is simple, which isn’t to say it’s easy.
But based on several decades in the business (and counting), it boils down to this:
This article is reprinted with the kind permission of Playbills vs Paying Bills and Ben Whitehair.