Musical Theatre Audition Songs – Choices for Mezzo Soprano

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When choosing an audition song to sing at a musical theatre audition it is vital that you not only choose a song from your range but you also seriously consider your own acting range and the type of character you are auditioning for. So often I hear tales of someone auditioning to play something like Maria from the Sound of Music with a sexy sassy song from Rent (well thats an extreme example but you get my drift!)
This list of songs are all very character and story driven so choose wisely.
It is vital that when auditioning for a part in a musical you are showing off your acting ability just as much as your singing. Directors love working with actors, with actor-singers, if they just wanted a cast of singers then they would go with classically trained singers who have dedicated years to perfecting a classical sound which will be faithful to the notes on the staves and bring no character to the song.
You can bring your character and acting to your singing – don’t leave it at home!
Mezzo-Soprano Songs for Auditions
I always recommend you approach any audition song as a monologue first. Try learning it as a speech and acting it without music first. Get inside the character and situation which is driving the song before you approach the singing of it. I really believe this method gives you a tremendous head start when you begin putting the words to music.

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  • ‘Dear Daddy’ is a terrific song from the musical W2ML by Bobby Cronin, which is wonderful for auditions.
    The show is set at a Wilderness Intervention Program and tells the story of Cody Gilmore a troubled 17 year old’s poignant and emotional journey as he battles with his demons.
    Lily a 17 year old NYC girl has been sent to the intervention program because she has been hiding her pain in drugs, sex, cyber-bullying and beinga typical ‘mean-girl’. She has been lying to everyone about how her Dad is a big-wig in the TV industry.
    When the teens are tasked with writing a letter to someone who has wronged them she sits alone under a trap lit by the fire in the rain and admits to herself that she is in pain and that her father is actually dead.
    The song is soft, emotional and full of hurt and realisation – there is a tonnes of character and story behind the song which you can use to help you play the song. Keep it real.
    “I can still hear your voice – It plays over and over inside my head – Now I have to make the choice
    To say “No more denying that you are dead.” ”
  • The fairytale musical Into The Woods has many terrific solo story songs but this one is perhaps my favourite.
    The Witch sings this song at the end of the show and it is perhaps the most important moral of the whole story. Be careful what you pass on to your children.
    The song has been sung by lots of musical theatre heavyweights so don’t try and compete or copy their version, give us your version. Tell it from who you are and your take on the character.
    “Children will look to you for which way to turn, To learn what to be, Careful before you say “Listen to me” – Children will listen”
  • Jane Eyre the musical, based on the Bronte novel, premiered on Broadway in 2000, it has music and lyrics by Paul Gordon and a book by John Caird.
    The story of Jane Eyre is a typical Bronte romance full of twists and turns, there are numerous film adaptations or I strongly recommend you read the novel, as it is a classic and I don’t want to give away the wonderful story!
    The song Forgiveness comes early on in the show and is sung by the young Jane Eyre who is an orphan being ill treated by her aunt and cousin. It really sums up Jane’s character, full of love and warmth and ‘forgiveness’.
    Its a perfect, simple, audition song which can really show off a clear and unfussy singing voice.
  • Songs For A New World has no story so if you choose a song from this to audition with, you need to do your homework. Build a story and a character around the song show them you can act and create.
    A recurring theme in Songs For A New World is parents. Mothers are portrayed as nurturing and fathers destructive, with a few exceptions. This song is one of the exceptions. This is a song about a woman abandoning her children and husband, the kids must be young because one of them is afraid of the dark. You need to know why she is leaving, is it best for them or for her. Play with performing it in different emotional states, don’t go for the obvious, see how this changes the song, see how this changes the performance. The beauty of a song like this is that you can build your character and see what works best for you.
  • Passion is a wonderful Sondheim musical adapted from an italian film Passione D’Amore. It explores the theme of love also touching on obsession, beauty, sex, power and manipulation.
    ‘Loving You’ is a beautiful song sung by the ailing and plain Fosca who has fallen in love with the young soldier Georgio. He does not love her and pleads with her to give him up and with this song she explains that hers is not a love she is able to ‘give up’. Her love is not a choice, it is who she is, all she is, and she would gladly die for him.
    ‘This is why I live, You are why I live’
  • The Baker’s Wife is a Stephen Schwartz musical which has never had a succesful West End or Broadway run, yet remains hugely popular amongst musical theatre afficianados.
    The story revolves around a small Parisian town which is enamoured by bread produced by the newly arrived middle aged baker and his beautiful young wife. The wife has an affiar with a handsome gigolo and the baker loses his will to bake.
    Genevieve, the baker’s wife, has run off with her handsome young lover, she is disenchanted however. They are passionate but that is all, as he sleeps she sings and asks “Where Is The Warmth?”. She gathers her belongings and leaves him.
    The Baker’s Wife is famous for the song Meadowlark, which is an audition standard. Where is the Warmth is a beautiful and tender song, less ‘showey’ than Meadowlark and I personally think more suited to an audition room as it has intimacy and will show off your acting skills.
  • The story of ‘110 in the Shade’ is based on a 1954 film The Rainmaker. It tells the story of LIzzie Curry a spinster living on a ranch in the American southwest and her relationships with the men in her life.
    The song ‘Old Maid’ comes at the end of Act One. Lizzie’s father and brothers have tried to set her up with the local sheriff, but her honesty has driven him away. Her brother Noah insists that Lizzie must accept that she will end up alone. She is slone, upset and frightened and sings of her terror for her lonely future.
    “Always being one.
    Never being two.
    Re-arrange the furniture,
    There’s nothing else to do.
    Keep an empty house.
    Watch your brothers wed.
    Dream an empty dream at night
    Upon an empty bed.”
  • And I Will Follow.
    This song isn’t from a show, it comes from Jason Robert Brown’s solo album, so you could interpret it how you wish. Really dig into the lyrics and find the story behind the song. Make sure you have a clear story and a clear character so that you can showcase your acting skills.
    This song isn’t from a show, it comes from Jason Robert Brown’s solo album, so you could interpret it how you wish. Really dig into the lyrics and find the story behind the song. For me it is about a woman keeping her vow, you need to work out her vow to who or what, sometimes as an actor it is worth not going for the obvious and seeing how that changes the delivery.
  • During the first act of Into The Woods each of the fairytale characters learns their lesson and sings a song to show the moral of their story.
    The first of these is Red Riding Hood who sings ‘I Know Things Now’ to explain her story and what she has learnt from her experiences with Granny and the Wolf!
    A perfect little story song, completely self contained with a beginning, middle and end.
    “I had been so careful, I never had cared. And he made me feel excited- Well, excited and scared.”
  • Not For The Life of Me is from the 2000 stage musical Thoroughly Modern Millie based on the 1967 movie. The story is set in 1922 and tells of a small town girl Millie Dillmount who has come to New York to marry for money instead of love – a thorougly modern approach! She falls in love with the flapper lifetsyle and gets caught up with a white slavery ring in China! The show is very tongue in cheek and a complete pastiche.
    This number opens the show and is sung by Millie as she arrives at NYC train station from Kansas and tears up her return ticket!
    It is a classic ‘I wish’ song and is very popular for auditions for that reason.