Musical Theatre Audition Songs – Choices for Mezzo Soprano

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When choosing an audition song to sing at a musical theatre audition it is vital that you not only choose a song from your range but you also seriously consider your own acting range and the type of character you are auditioning for. So often I hear tales of someone auditioning to play something like Maria from the Sound of Music with a sexy sassy song from Rent (well thats an extreme example but you get my drift!)
This list of songs are all very character and story driven so choose wisely.
It is vital that when auditioning for a part in a musical you are showing off your acting ability just as much as your singing. Directors love working with actors, with actor-singers, if they just wanted a cast of singers then they would go with classically trained singers who have dedicated years to perfecting a classical sound which will be faithful to the notes on the staves and bring no character to the song.
You can bring your character and acting to your singing – don’t leave it at home!
Mezzo-Soprano Songs for Auditions
I always recommend you approach any audition song as a monologue first. Try learning it as a speech and acting it without music first. Get inside the character and situation which is driving the song before you approach the singing of it. I really believe this method gives you a tremendous head start when you begin putting the words to music.

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  • Passion is a wonderful Sondheim musical adapted from an italian film Passione D’Amore. It explores the theme of love also touching on obsession, beauty, sex, power and manipulation.
    ‘Loving You’ is a beautiful song sung by the ailing and plain Fosca who has fallen in love with the young soldier Georgio. He does not love her and pleads with her to give him up and with this song she explains that hers is not a love she is able to ‘give up’. Her love is not a choice, it is who she is, all she is, and she would gladly die for him.
    ‘This is why I live, You are why I live’
  • The ‘Toy Story’ movies are complete favourites of mine and they are movies which really touch adults hearts and emotions. Perhaps the most beautiful moment of Toy Story 2 is this heartbreaking song by Randy Newman.
    The song is sung by Jessie the Cow Girl toy who sings about how she was once loved but is eventually forgotten by her owner Emily.
    Although the song is sung by a Toy about her owner growing old and losing interest in her and eventually throwing her out as rubbish, the emotions in the song are completely human and ring true about any relationship breaking down and ending.
    If you sing the song with complete honesty and really try and connect with those feelings of loss and lonliness you will really connect with the hearts of any audition panel.
    “So the years went by
    I stayed the same
    But she began to drift away
    I was left alone
    Still I waited for the day
    When she’d say I will always love you”
  • The last song in The Last Five Years, and in context is a real heartbreaker as it is sung when Cathy has first met Jamie (but in the back to front show, it actually happens on stage after we have witnessed Jamie telling his lover that he is leaving Cathy. In this song Cathy is ecstatic after her first date with Jamie. She sings goodbye. She proclaims that she has been waiting for Jamie her whole life.
    This should be sung full of excitement and energy and a real zest for life. Full of the butterflies you feel and adrenaline rush when you realise you have just met ‘the one’, the one you are going to spend your life with.
  • Mr Hopalong Heartbreak is taken from the Jason Robert Brown musical Urban Cowboy. “It’s the story of Bud, a new breed of cowboy who’s turnin’ heads and lookin’ for love in the biggest honkeytonk in the world. But can he raise the roof, get the girl and ride the bull, all before last call?”
    The song is sung by Sissy when she has decided to get out of her small town life and her small town relationship. Its a lovely survivor’s song, and you can also showcase some humour in it.
  • Jane Eyre the musical, based on the Bronte novel, premiered on Broadway in 2000, it has music and lyrics by Paul Gordon and a book by John Caird.
    The story of Jane Eyre is a typical Bronte romance full of twists and turns, there are numerous film adaptations or I strongly recommend you read the novel, as it is a classic and I don’t want to give away the wonderful story!
    The song Forgiveness comes early on in the show and is sung by the young Jane Eyre who is an orphan being ill treated by her aunt and cousin. It really sums up Jane’s character, full of love and warmth and ‘forgiveness’.
    Its a perfect, simple, audition song which can really show off a clear and unfussy singing voice.
  • The Phantom of the Opera really needs no introduction, it is the epic 1986 Lloyd Webber musical which tells the gothic horror story of a young beautiful soprano Christine Daae who beomces the obsession of a disfigured musical genius.
    Think of Me is a song which introduces the character of Christine a swedish chorus girl who has to go on in place of the prima donna Carlotta who is refusing to perform in what appears to be a haunted Opera House.
  • This song is from the ever popular musical The Sound Of Music.
    In the original Broadway musical this song took place in the Mother Abbess’s office just beofre Maria is sent away to Captain Von Trapp’s house to work as governess to his seven children. In the hugely popular movie version the song is moved to Maria’s bedroom where she sings it to comfort the children who are afraid of the thunderstorm – in the stage version she sang Lonely Goatherd. Most stage productions nowadays replicate the film’s version.
    The happy, optimistic lyrics are a counterpoint to cover up an undercurrent of fear. The song was written to be sung by a young woman scared of facing new responsibilities outside the convent.
    The song is a complete ‘classic’ and is often sung as a Christmas song thanks to it’s wintery lyrics.
  • And I Will Follow.
    This song isn’t from a show, it comes from Jason Robert Brown’s solo album, so you could interpret it how you wish. Really dig into the lyrics and find the story behind the song. Make sure you have a clear story and a clear character so that you can showcase your acting skills.
    This song isn’t from a show, it comes from Jason Robert Brown’s solo album, so you could interpret it how you wish. Really dig into the lyrics and find the story behind the song. For me it is about a woman keeping her vow, you need to work out her vow to who or what, sometimes as an actor it is worth not going for the obvious and seeing how that changes the delivery.
  • South Pacific is a musical by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II it premiered in 1949 on Broadway, and there is a much loved 1958 film.
    The musical is set on a South Pacific island during World War II. Nellie Forbush, a nurse for the US Navy has fallen in love with Emile a French plantation owner who she has only known briefly. Everyone is worried about the outcome of the war but Nellie tells Emile that she believes everything will be alright with this song.
    A sweet song which lets you play with the upbeat bubbly character of Nellie. The sentiment of the song is that she is keeping hope when no-one else does, and that is an emotion which every actor should be able to empathise with.
  • Anyone Can Whistle is set in an imaginary town which has gone bankrupt. The only place which is doing well is the local sanatorium, known as ‘The Cookie Jar’.
    The town’s council, in the hope of the tourist dollars it will bring to the town, declare a rock with a spring of water coming from it to be a holy miracle – capable of curing the ill. Fay Apple, a young sceptical nurse doesn’t believe in miracles and has brought all 49 of her inmates from the Cookie Jar to the spring to see its holy powers for herself.
    The inmates escape and Fay goes into hiding and hopes for a miracle herself, a hero who will deliver the town from its madness.
    “Those smug little men with their smug little schemes They forgot one thing: The play isn’t over by a long shot yet!”