Musical Theatre Audition Songs – Meet the new generation of composers

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Broadway’s rising talent – Composers worth watching and worth listening to!

Musical Theatre is constantly evolving and changing and every generation has it’s own hot new talents set to take over Broadway and the West End.
Here are the bright, young things who are currently making a smash and delighting musical theatre fans all across the globe. These songwriters understand the power of social media and have built up a huge army of fans via Twitter and YouTube.
If you are looking for a new, unique audition song which might get you noticed for all the right reasons then give these guys a listen – there really are some amazing songs out there just waiting for you to find them.
Broadways New Composers – the next big things
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  • “Out of Our Heads is a compilation of self-contained songs that blur the lines between musical theater and pop. Featuring songs and characters that range from the absurd to the sublime, the album takes listeners on a journey that is equal parts hilarity and heartbreak. “
    Michael Kooman and Chis Dimond are a musical writing team who won the 2013 Fred Ebb Award and the 2010 Jonathan Larson Grant. Their first album Out Of Our Heads is a terrific introduction to these talented guys.
    What you get here is a compilation of catchy, funny, and moving songs being sung by some of Broadway’s best vocal talents. Check out ‘Random Black Girl’ sung by Patina Miller for a complete joy from start to finish and ‘The Temp and The Receptionist’ features in our best musical theatre duets article.
    I have chosen the beautiful ‘Lost In The Waves’ as your introduction to Kooman and Dimond, it is a heartbreaking song sung by a man who sacrificed his own life to save his drowning son – here it is sung by Anderson Davis and is performed with such tenderness and beauty. Chris’s own father died whilst saving him from a riptide and so it is a deeply personal and truly beautiful song.
  • “Want something funny? It’s here. Want something sweet? It’s here. Want something all around kick-ass and awesome? It’s DEFINITELY here. Do yourself a favor and buy this album”
    “This album goes to show that Joe Iconis has heart, humor and harmony. Amazing music that sounds like nothing else.”
    “Joe Iconis is the best musical theatre writer out there, never backing off from full-throttled, straightforward emotion.”
    Those are just a few of the reviews you will find for Joe Iconis on Amazon. I am a huge fan of his work. Each one of his songs has characters who are completely human, full of truth and emotion. They are all completely unique and ‘Headshots’ sung by a young actress who is both sad and angry or ‘Broadway Here I Come’ sung by a young woman about to commit suicide both would make amazing audition songs for young actresses.
    “The Goodbye Song” I have chosen here is a beautiful song sung by a father who is dying of cancer to his two very young children – it is heartbreaking but also celebratory. I love Jason ‘Sweet-Tooth’ Williams perfect understated delivery.
  • “It’s not often a person can come along with a batch of amazing songs like Drew Gasparini has done in this amazing collection of tunes! Listening to “I Could Use A Drink: The Songs of Drew Gasparini” you are reminded at the art of song and theater, and the talented performers who deliver his ideas are perfect fits for the emotional roller coaster you’ll ride from start to finish!”
    Drew Gasparini won the JOhn Lennon Songwriting Award in 2006 and has since become one of the brightest young voices in musical theatre. He has written the music, lyrics and book for such shows as Crazy, Just Like Me, Above My Pay Grade, Circles and Make Me Bad – all of which are popular on the cabaret circuit.
    This album, like others on this list, was funded through Kickstarter and Drew’s fame has grown thanks to countless YouTube performances of his songs – sung by some of Broadways hottest names. He pours his heart into his songs and they stay with you long after listening to them.
    For a truly beautiful song listen to the stunning ‘I Loved You Too Much’ – it is a song for the brokenhearted, a song all about the emptiness and loneliness one feels after a break-up. However I have chosen to show you the absolutely amazing and hysterical ‘Kindergarten Love Song’ a song sung by a child at Kindergarten to her love ‘Billy’ – a real performance song which could wow at the right audition.
  • ” His lyrics and music are smart, sophisticated, and emotional, making it relatable on many levels. Even if I have not experienced the exact scenario being presented in the song, I know someone who has. While most of his songs are about losing love, all of his songs are about learning, growing, and staying hopeful despite going through rough times.”
    Will Van Dyke is currently MD on the Tony award winning Kinky Boots but he is a tremendously gifted Composer Lyricist in his own rights.
    His album Chasing The Day features songs which were written on the road. Aboard planes. Across time zones. Between sets. In hotel lobbies. At 24 hour coffee shops. Miles apart. When the thought of home is your only companion.
    Chasing The Day is about the places life takes us and the people who bring us back.
    I have chosen the song ‘Come Home’ as it really touches me and will hit home for any of us who might have followed the wrong dream and sacrificed a relationship for our dreams. A beautiful audition song for a man or woman.
  • “As a singer-songwriter duo that also writes for theatre, there is a prominent and fascinating indie vibe that inhabits every track. Kerrigan-Lowdermilk Live is an exceedingly fun and charming album that features the crème de la crème of today’s young talent. Without a doubt, it is a must have for fans of great songwriting and Broadway’s rising stars.”
    Kait Kerrigan writes the words and Brian Lowdermilk writes the music and together they are becoming one of the most talented composer lyricist teams around today.
    Just look at the talented singers who are singing their songs on this wonderful live album and you will find a whos-who of contemporary Broadway talent! These are a duo you need to discover! Search on Youtube for some of their songs like “The Bad Years”, “Avalanche”, “Last Weeks Alcohol” and “Not A Love Story” – I am pretty certain you will be discovering some new favourites.
    They have a wonderfully contemporary sound whilst still delivering the type of character led, story songs which will please even the most retro musical theatre fan – They are here and now!
  • “This album is a must-listen for any students who love discovering new music, especially if it is relevant to their own lives”
    Joey Contreras is a writer from the exciting New York scene of musical theatre voices who are speaking for a new generation, his songs are performed by the hottest new talents at the hottest aftershow bars and clubs in NYC.
    His first album ‘Love Me, Love Me Not’ is an introduction to this fresh voice on the musical theatre scene, his songs have more of a pop-rock vibe than traditional musical theatre, but every single song tells a great story and offers wonderful melodies and perfect lyrics.
    ‘My Simple Request’ (watch it by clicking the title above) is a terrific song for the Facebook generation and would make a wonderful audition song as it is FULL of character and absolutely hilarious! Also worth searching out is the song ‘Ready’ which is all about the hope and delight in sezing the future that all young graduates have – perfect for a graduation showcase.
  • Being interviewed about 35mm Ryan was asked about his creative influences“This musical is rife with them: Lady Gaga, The Scissor Sisters, Stephen Sondheim, Schubert, Orin Lavie, Rufus Wainwright, Loudon Wainwright III, Death Cab for Cutie, Panic at the Disco, oh and more more more! …. It’s a big piece and covers a wide-range of experiences and sensations. Truly, there’s something for everyone in this show, musically and visually.”
    Ryan Scott Oliver is one of the exciting new generation of musical theatre writers who are gaining cult followings by embracing social media and especially YouTube to build a fanbase. Oliver is on the edge of his ‘big break’ and his debut release ’35mm a musical exhibition’ could send him into the bigtime!
    These songs are all based on the work of his photographer partner Matthew Murphy, each song taking its influence from one of his photographs. The booklet contains all of the photographs so you can see just how he came up with his delicious story songs.
    ‘The Ballad of Sara Berry’ about a high school student who will kill to become prom queen is a deliciously macabre story song which you must check out on YouTube but I chose to show you ‘Cut You A Piece’ which is my favourites of his songs – the album is full of tunes which you will love and I urge you to discover him.
  • “My grandfather sat me down and played me the soundtrack to Oliver. That, to me, was the greatest gift because it introduced me to a form of expression that I had yet to learn and would eventually help me escape in the future.”
    Scott Alan is a composer and is a favourite composer for big names both over here in the West End and on Broadway – just check out the list of singers who lend their vocal talents to his 2CD Live album.
    Scott’s concert at the o2 Indigo theatre in London earlier this year became one of the must-have tickets of the season and seemed to be all anyone was talking about on Twitter!
    ‘Watch Me Soar’ is a stunning song about a woman finally finding her confidence and freedom and would make a perfect audition song, full of emotion and a real journey song which would show off your acting just as much as your singing.