A LifeMap to help motivate Actors – take control of your acting career

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Why is this LifeMap is relevant to actors?

How often do you put something off? How often does ‘resting’ become literally that …. a big long rest!
As actors we are very re-active, we wait for someone else to do the work for us. We wait for a director to tell us how to make the lines sound, how we should think about our character. We wait for an agent to look for work for us, to submit us for jobs, and to deal with negotiations and contracts. These are all neccessities of the job and role, but they can make us fall into a very re-active state and sometimes the last thing we think about it being pro-active.
It’s natural in the job we are in, it’s not to be punished, but once you realise it then you can do something to change it.
This map will help you to become more pro-active in life, to take back control and to start to follow the path you want to follow.
We all need a map sometimes to help us find the route from A to B.
A LifeMap to help motivate Actors - take control of your acting career_550
Photo Credit: Oran Viriyincy via cc

How To Use This LifeMap In The Most Motivating Way

The amount of motivation you hold to do anything is directly linked to the intensity of your REASONS WHY you should do it. With very clear and specific reasons which are also emotionally compelling then you will be motivated to take action.
With this LifeMap you can define and capture all your reasons for accomplishing a goal on to a single page, which is there for you to review each and every time you need a boost to help you to take action.
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