Being An Actor – An Apology

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About Sanna Haynes – I’m an actress and I teach acting. I write screenplays. I paint, draw, dance ballet, I sing, I am horrible at tap dance (trying to work on that one), I visualize films in my brain, I yoga it up most mornings, I like to organize.
In addition to acting, I private coach, and I also teach acting. I am a screenwriter, and I am now in the production side of filmmaking. In addition, I am also a blogger, and a YouTuber. I used the word “I” a lot in this paragraph. I apologize. I.

I apologise for Being an Actor

I apologise for Being an Actor
I apologise for letting you down.
I apologise for not having the freedom to take too many consecutive weekdays as a holiday, in case I made have an audition or book.
I apologise that sometimes I have put my career first.
I apologise to my friends for all the times that I have not been able to go out and experience fun times, because of lack of money.
I apologise for hoarding money when work is good, in order to save up for times when work is not so good.
I apologise for behaving unprofessionally in other spheres, in order to maintain professionalism in acting.
I apologise for being far too excited when work is obtained.
I apologise to my east coast friends and loved ones — that time I had to leave for opportunity in California was pretty hard.
I apologise to my California friends and loved ones — that other time I had to leave for work in the Southeast was also really difficult.
I apologise for promoting projects far too much.
I apologise for sometimes “dropping off the face of the earth.” Sometimes I just need a little time.
I apologise for the fact that everyone around me is forced to make sacrifices, as a result of mine.
Please forgive me for being an actor.

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