Audition Technique

Casting Panel
Photo Credit: The Blue Wig via cc
Having auditions is an integral part of being an actor. Without them, you don’t get work. It’s just like a job interview but a lot more fun! Every single actor in the business has different ways of dealing with auditions. Some have terrible nerves and just scrape through the ‘theatrical interrogation’ whilst some just seem to fly through them and get the job.
It’s the only opportunity you have to show the casting panel what you can do. You have to get it right. You may only have a couple of minutes to show yourself at your very best. But it’s not all about how talented you are, it’s also a way for the panel to see if you can take direction and deal with changes.
Whether you are an actor, singer, musician or dancer an audition can take on many different forms. For film, TV and commercials the audition might also be called a ‘screen test’, where you do your piece to a camera. Whereas for a stage play or musical you may be required to sing, dance and act on stage, projecting your work to the casting panel who might be sat right at the back of the theatre stalls.
The more auditions you get, the easier they can become. If you are lucky enough to be constantly auditioning you also need to be fresh and address each audition differently. Even if you are not actually keen on the project or getting the part, it’s still wise to go along and do the audition, as it will only add to your on going experience and help improve your technique.
Actor Design have put together some useful tips for the whole audition process from start to finish. There is a great deal of work involved in doing an audition and it shouldn’t be taken lightly no matter how experienced you are. We hope our tips help you prepare the audition and finally get you that job!
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