Why are actors so insecure?

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Actors: The Most Insecure People on the Planet

I really, truly, completely, and severely hate this fact.
However, at the end of the day, it is still a fact.

A look at insecure actors in history!

Why are actors some of the most insecure people in this world? Why do we constantly second guess ourselves and our abilities?
Maybe we should look at the history of actors…

Actors – Its time to celebrate yourself!

Maybe this should change? Just maybe?
Perhaps we actors should begin to view ourselves for who we are, not what we do.
Just a thought.
Maybe we shouldn’t listen to the voices around us that attempt to tear us down at every opportunity.
And maybe we could take steps to build ourselves up?
“I didn’t book that job, but I really felt good about what I did in the audition. Probably my best audition, yet.”
“I can finally join SAG! Good for me.”
“I didn’t get the lead in that commercial, but they offered me another part. They must have liked my audition!”
And et cetera. You get it. Really a cheesy method. Despite this, I really believe in speaking positive words over yourself. This can be critical to breaking out of insecurity.
Let’s get beyond these actor stereotypes. We have better things to think about.
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