A Quick Vocal or Voice Warm Up for Actors

quick vocal warm up for actors_550
Photo Credit: Patti Haskins via cc
One thing which really bugs me when I am holding an audition or running a workshop is when an actor will come in and they have obviously done no vocal warm-up.
An actor who hasn’t warmed-up is immediately spottable and it just shows us that you don’t really care about your craft, your tools, or about us or the job.
It is pretty unforgivable as a simple warm-up can just take about five to ten minutes and really will make a huge difference to your technique when auditioning and also helps to get you in the correct state of mind.
The main reason for warming-up your voice is that it will prepare your body for acting, projecting and singing. When you are acting on stage your intensity of breath support needs to be greater than when you are just normally speaking, you will also be using a slightly different technique from when you are speaking in everyday life, you will be doing things such as tilting the larynx and opening your throat.
Actors who warm up their voices ….
  • Act with more consistency and freedom
  • Have fewer voice problems overall
  • Have a wider vocal range
  • Have a wider emotional range
  • Have more options available to them to be expressive
  • Communicate their acting better overall