An audition and casting tip – ‘Try On’ the role

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Photo Credit: Mark Hillary via cc
In any audition or casting don’t pile extra pressure on yourself as an actor.
All of your fears, all of your nerves, all of the self-talk: “I have to prove I’m right for the role”, “I want them to like me”, “I want to get this job” – all of this is extraneous bullsh*t which will show through and get in the way of you enjoying doing what you do best, which is to act and even more – to play.
Get yourself into a different mindset before your next audition. Have a go at ‘Trying On’ the role.
Take away the pressure of pleasing others and do it for you, ‘try it on’ just as you would try on a new coat and check yourself out in the mirror.
Even better get yourself into a more freeing and childlike attitude and ‘try it on’ just as when you were a child you would ‘try on’ being a mummy, ‘try on’ being a spaceman, ‘try on’ being a Teenage Ninja Turtle, ‘try on’ being Alexis Carrington (oh, ok, just me!?)
The result is truly freeing and enjoyable. Whatever happens you have been able to have a go at playing that part regardless of if you get it or not – you have ‘tried it on’ and enjoyed the experience.

Actress and Screenwriter Zoe Kazan on “Trying On the Part”

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