Actors – How to make sure your headshot is useless

Tips on getting a lousy actors headshot_550
Photo Credit: Mark Probst via cc
We all know that having a great headshot is probably the most important marketing tool you have as an actor.
It is your headshot which will get you through the door to a casting, it is your headshot which will get you a meeting with that dream agent, it is your headshot which will show a director that you should be seen for that role he is casting in his latest show.
To get a great headshot can be expensive, and we all know that the actual session can be a nerve-wracking experience but if you end up with that perfect headshot then it is all worth it.
The web is full of articles and tips on how to get the best acting headshot but what about if you want to screw it up, what if you want to spend your hard earned call-centre money on a rubbish headshot?
Well we are happy to help ….